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Onion is a vegetable and is widely cultivated species of genus allium. Onion plant has bluish-green flatten and hollow type leaves with bulb like base. When this bulb matures and swells in soil then onion is fully formed. Onion is cool weather crop and is harvested in autumn when the leaves die back and outer scales of the bulb become dry and brittle. Onions are best cultivated in fertile soils that have high level of nutrients and are well drained. There are variety of onions available in market from fresh to dried onions vary in colour and sizes. China leads the world in the production of dried Onion, then India producing only 26% of total world’s share.

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Onion Specifications

Size Available Medium, Large, Extra Large (30 Mm to 75mm)
Price Varies according to Size and Quality
Global Delivery Terms CIF Port to Port
Domestic Payment Terms Pay & Parcel, 95:05
Packaging & Shipping As per customer’s requirement
Delivery Time 15 – 20 Days

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